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A. Packaged Boiler
1. Fire Tube Boiler (Oil & Gas Firing)
Our brand:
  • Hoken Boiler
  • Primatron Steam Boiler

Hoken Boiler
Three pass horizontal fire tube boiler system with the combustion chamber as the first pass and the smoke tube as the second and third passes, with standard production capacity 100 kg/hr – 20,000 kg/hr.

Primatron Steam Boiler
Three pass combined flue and smoke tube boiler, with standard production capacity 1,000 kg/hr – 5500 kg/hr.

2. Water Tube Boiler
D-Type Bi-Drum oil and gas fired packaged boiler. Our capacity range is up to 150,000 kg/hr

3. Once Through Boiler
  • SAMSON Boiler
By unique micro-furnace boiler body structure, further improvement of beat absorption technology and water tube equipped new type fin for pressure loss reduce in combustion gas flow, smaller boiler with less than 10㎡ in heating surface achieved the bigger production. Standard capacity range 100 kg/hr - 2500 kg/hr.

B. Coal Boiler
Travelling grade system
Our design and fabrication is according to ASME S Stamp or other equivalent code. The capacity range is up to 100,000 kg/hr.

HOKEN Janner Boiler
A three pass coal fired chain grate Fire Tube Boiler. Fully Water cooled with high heating surface and high boiler efficiency for low and high calorific coal. Our standard production capacity is 5,000 – 16,000 kg/hr.

Our design and fabrication is according to ASME S Stamp or other equivalent code. The capacity range is up to 220,000 kg/hr.

C. Biomass Boiler
HOKEN Combi Boiler and Hoken Okutech Fully water tube (Bi-Drum Boiler) design, with range capacity 1,000 kg/hr to 100,000 kg/ hr. Suitable for biomass: palm waste, baggage, rice husk, wood, etc.

D. Packaged Hot Water Boiler
Our brand:
  • Pyronette - Primatron Hot Water Boiler
  • EMR - Primatron Hot Water Boiler

Three pass combine flue and smoke tube boiler, and modern horizontal fire tube boiler with unique design, excellent compactness and high economical values. Our capacity ranges from 55 kW - 9300 kW.

E. Heat Recovery Steam Generator
The ASME S Stamp fabrication, are fire tube and water tube type HRSG that are customs designed to plantsite conditions.

F. Hoken Eurotherm Thermal Oil Heater
HOKEN Eurotherm are German engineered and local manufactured thermal oil heaters ranging from 100 kW – 20 MW thermal output. Providing process heat up to 400°C by using mineral or synthetic thermal oil. Design follows DIN 4754 according to Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) or ASME code.

F. Boiler Equipments
Calorifiers, deaerators, economizers, control systems, etc.