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Our History

Mr. Hardi Sutardja, founding father of, “Tjin Hin NV” established in 1921 which later was renamed to Pabrik Mesin Teha, in Bandung; starting as a technician doing repairs and rebuilding Machineries and Boilers, focusing mostly on Agro Industry with Agriculture equipment as well as Boilers. By 1939 PT. Pabrik Mesin Teha built first production of range vertical Smoke Tube Boilers.

Since then PT. Pabrik Mesin Teha has managed their own version of Fire Tube Steam Boilers that were used in industries like Textile, Food, and Pharmaceutical. Market demand of larger capacity boilers in the late 1980’s drove PT. Pabrik Mesin Teha to search for better boiler technologies.

In 1989 PT. Prima Jabar Steel, newly founded Jakarta based sister company, obtained a boiler technology licensed by K. Hagoort Produktiemij, B V (Tilburg, Netherland). Since then, boilers with this licensed technology are branded as HOKEN Boiler. In 1995 PT. Grand Kartech, manufacturer of Boiler Systems, obtained boiler technology from Ygnis AG, Switzerland, with a different concept of Horizontal Fire Tube Boilers which branded as Primatron Boiler

The group of companies combine “up-to-date” boiler technologies to capture a significant Market Share nationwide. PT. Grand Kartech established representative offices in Surabaya (East Java), Denpasar (Bali), and Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) in order to fulfill their commitment to serve customers better. As for the international market we supply boilers to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Ghana, Colombia, Laos, Mongolia and others.

With increased design capabilities as well as having ASME S, U, U2, PP Stamps, The National Board R Stamp, and ISO 9001 certification, we now design and manufacture higher capacity and more complex Boiler Systems and are now capable of supplying Solid Fuel Boilers, Oil/Gas Fuel Boilers, Biomass Boilers, and Waste Heat Recovery Boilers to the specifications requested by our customers.

Having optained all international standards required PT. Grand Kartech entered the Oil and Gas Market in 2001 and Energy Sector in 2005. Emphasizing our strength in Customized Machineries, we have set ourselves well in the niche market of Custom-Designed Machinery servicing industries such as Automotives, Mining Explosive, Agriculture, Fishery, etc.

The focus of our products has been aimed at advanced technologies which yield higher efficiencies with Green Technology and with more environmental friendly results.

Our motto is continuous improvement in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and After-sales service, to provide a better package.

Quality, Experienced, “State of Art” Technologies and comprehensive range of products producing as well have made us expand our new production facilities in Karawang and Balikpapan. The location of these new facilities improves our capability to deliver products and services to customers locations more efficiently.