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A. Fired Heaters
Fired heaters are used throughout hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries such as refineries, gas plants, petrochemicals, chemicals and synthetics, olefins, ammonia and fertilizer plants.

B.  CO2 Absorber Plants
Integrated CO2 absorb plant licenced process guarantee with engineering & fabrication based on ASME Standart

C.  Waste Heat Recovery Units
Our waste heat boilers are individually designed to suit each unique customer's requirement. The units are designed to achieve optimum performance given the heat available and the output required

D. Power Generation Water Tube Boilers
  • Pipe spool
  • High pressure steam drum
  • Low pressure steam drum
  • Drum
  • Deaerator
  • Air pre-heater
  • Economizer

E.  ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)
Low temperature waste heat from biomass combustion and industrial processes is used to generate electricity by driving a turbine with a high molecular fluid. The generated condensate heat can be used for various low temperature industrial heating processes. ORC system are available in the range from 300 kW – 2.5 MW.