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A. DoctorBoiler
DoctorBoiler is established to support after sales service in area of steam generator, heat exchanger, piping, including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and engineering service.On line boiler operation monitoring ensuring optimum and fast services. Include:
  • Boiler rental
  • Fire tube boiler service
  • Water tube boiler service
  • Combustion management & boiler system
  • Troubleshooting & inspection
  • Boiler & burner recondition
  • Fuel conversion
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Piping
  • Contract Service
  • Training
  • Water treatment & chemical supply
  • Energy audit
  • Spare part

B. Valve-Retro
We provide superior technical expertise in valve repair and testing, modifications,reconditioning, design and manufacture as well as product selection.