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Oil & Gas Process Equipment

A. Separation
We manufacture custom-designed separation units upon customer request. Our separation units include all required sufficient instrumentation and control devices necessary to ensure safe and continuous operation. Our product line includes:
  • Filter
  • Scrubber
  • Separator

B. Glycol Dehydration
A liquid desiccant system for the removal of water from natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL).

C. Gas Sweetening
A process to remove H2S and CO2 from gasses.

D. Chemical Injection Skid
A designed to compliment water treatment systems to provide critical reagents for standard operation conditions.

E. Pump Skid
Fully prepiped pumping system on common oil drop plate as single entity.

F. Fired Heater
Fired heaters are used throughout hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries such as refineries, gas plants, petrochemicals, chemicals and synthetics, olefins, ammonia and fertilizer plants.